GA COVID-19 Analysis, by @Elcapitansam and @JSandersAth

All data from historical snapshots of

The 2019-2020 flu season data is from
The 2009-2010 flu season (including H1N1) is from
NOTE: The 2009 flu season Week 1 is an 18 week cumulative number from 4/26/09-8/29/09. Subsequent weeks are a normal week of data.

Length of hospital stay average taken from Clinical characteristics and durations of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 in Beijing: a retrospective cohort study

Data capture started by script on 03/19/2020 with data backfilled to 03/01/2020 from Reddit user kissmymath.

Raw DPH data from Cloudfront stopped being updated as of 7/13/2020. Data collection switched over to on 7/28/2020 with missing data filled in by hand from the snapshots at

Deaths: Hospitalized: Positive: Tested:

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Deaths Data By County

Blank data is currently unknown

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